Pre and Post-Treatment Instructions





*Try to avoid any medications or supplements that have a blood thinning effect.

This includes: aspirin, ibuprofen, vitamin E, ginkgo biloba, St John’s Wort, fish oil.

These products increase the risk of bruising.

*Don’t drink alcohol the night prior to your treatment as it thins the blood and

increases the risk of bruising.

*When possible, schedule your appointment 2 weeks before a big event or

vacation. This is due to the possibility of bruising and swelling. Also,

Botox takes 5-7 days to take effect.

*Discontinue Retin A products 2 days before and 2 days after your appointment.

*If you have a rash or blemish in the area to be injected, please call to

reschedule your appointment.

*If you have a history of cold sores let your provider know. An anti-viral

medication may be prescribed in case of a flare.

*Please eat and hydrate before your appointment. This minimizes the possibility

of lightheadedness during injection.

*If you are pregnant or nursing you are not a candidate for these procedures.

*If swelling is an issue for you, Tylenol and Benadryl may be taken prior to your

appointment. Arnica may also be taken for 2 days prior to treatment if you

bruise easily or as a precaution.


*Don’t push or rub on the area that has been injected for 4 hours.

*Don’t lie down for 6 hours after your appointment. This prevents Botox from

traveling into the eye orbit and causing a droopy lid.

*Don’t exercise or perform strenuous activity the day you have the treatment.

*Botox can take up to 2 weeks to take full effect. Please allow this amount of

time before scheduling an appointment for an additional touch up of


*If bruising occurs, Arnica tablets and gel can help the bruising to resolve

more quickly. You may start Arnica tablets 2 days before treatment.


*Avoid manipulating the area that has been treated unless instructed by the provider

to do so.

*Don’t exercise the day of treatment.

*Avoid sun, tanning beds and high temperatures for 3 days after treatment.

*If swelling occurs, you may gently ice the area for 15 minutes per hour.

*If swollen, try to sleep face up and slightly elevated for a few days and minimize

alcohol and salt intake.

*Tylenol may be taken for swelling and Arnica for bruising.

*If Sculptra is injected, please massage the area for 5 minutes 5 times a day for

5 days as instructed by the provider. This smooths the product and minimizes

any small lumps from forming.